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Have you ever had your life get completely turned upside-down when everything was going well? You know how it works, it can happen overnight – a simple mistake or oversight could result in millions of dollars in a lawsuit and you never saw it coming.

Don’t land yourself in a "too-little-too-late" situation where you can't save your hard earned assets. Personal umbrella liability insurance is meant to protect you from the things that regular insurance policies don't necessarily cover.

For instance, if someone slips on ice on your front porch and tries to sue you, then personal umbrella liability insurance will cover you. It acts as an umbrella to cover you for things that 1. you can't predict and 2. aren't covered in your usual policies. This keeps your valuable assets and those you love protected, no matter what.

What Is Covered Under the Umbrella?

Umbrella insurance covers things like medical bills and lost wages for people that were injured while on your property or interacting with you. These insurance policies in many cases also cover your court costs and legal fees in the event that you are taken to court. These types of costs (that can really add up) may not be covered by your normal insurance or separate policies at all. That's why you need umbrella insurance. If you are in a car accident and are at fault, you could be taken to court to be sued for damages. Some of your personal assets could also be seized. Nobody wants that to happen, so be prepared with an umbrella policy.

Umbrella insurance can be very affordable, contrary to speculation, and it's a much-needed investment for the long-term. It's also worth having the extra coverage and peace of mind as you go through your life and look out for your loved ones. It's a good idea for anyone and everyone to have umbrella insurance, especially if you drive, and own a home or business.

Is That Enough Coverage?

One of the challenges with umbrella policies is that people may not buy enough coverage. You buy enough coverage for the worth of your assets, but you might be liable for much more in resulting damages. So, what options do you have? Not only could you lose your assets, but you may still wind up owing money. 

You should not base the amount of insurance you buy on how much you own in assets.  If you run a business out of your home, your business isn't necessarily covered with your home insurance. This is why an umbrella policy is extremely important.

It's not worth going without umbrella insurance, especially when one incident could wipe out your savings. Just read the headlines! The courts are awarding amounts that are larger than ever before, many reaching millions of dollars in liability cases involving injuries and property damage. And every single person in those courtrooms is thinking..."I never thought it would happen to me".

You could easily be held accountable- as well as liable- for losses occurring as a result of a number of things including:

  • Auto Ownership- auto accidents
  • Home Ownership- Accidental falls on property, swimming pool accidents, playground mishaps
  • Recreational Activities- boating accidents, golf course injuries
  • Personal Activities- Libel and slander, Invasion of privacy.

Why it Matters.

The best part about personal umbrella liability insurance is the peace of mind that you will have knowing that someone won't be able to sue you for everything you're worth. If a visitor is at your house and slips on your driveway, they may sue for damages, but you won't be financially ruined because you have umbrella insurance and all those legal fees and settlements will be paid for by the insurance company.

What would happen if you rear-ended someone because of their following distance? It's still your fault by the courts. What happens when the other driver claims to be injured and decides to sue? What do you do!? Stay're covered by your umbrella. 

Life happens despite the many precautions we may take. The variables of any given moment are unpredictable & therefore unmanageable. By minimizing your exposure to these large risks, you are ensuring a greater chance of surviving the unforeseen and protecting your loved ones with you. 

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