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Do you remember the excitement of buying your first home? Are you going through that chaotic time right now? The value of a home is great and the benefits are numerous! Perhaps the greatest benefit is that your home appreciates over time and you get a return on that investment. That is...as long as you treat it as one.

Investments with good return come with a lot of responsibility and that's why many lenders require home insurance for the owners. There's enough to keep track of to maintain your property already, and when you throw in the threat of natural disasters, oversights, or unpredicted setbacks it's downright overwhelming. 

Finding the right homeowner's insurance policy for you can seem like a daunting task because of its importance and all of the options available. Village Insurance is here to make that difficult task much easier.

Home and Property Insurance

Lenders require homeowners with mortgages to buy home insurance.  You may think that the policy terms required by your lender are acceptable, but that might not be the case.  Remember, lenders are only concerned that you cover the risks to your property that they financed.  

This most likely does not include your full exposure to loss, if your home and personal property were to be destroyed. It's vital that you assess your property, determine its value, and make sure you get the full coverage you need in the case of a loss. 

How Can I Protect Myself & My Property?

To fully protect your most valued possessions, you need a complete record of precious or expensive items in case they get damaged or stolen. The information you provide to your insurer will make the insurance claims process easier in case of loss or damage and could lead to a much better outcome for you. It will also reduce the amount of stress during a traumatic time that's full of to-dos.

A homeowner insurance quote will only benefit you if all the necessary work is done to ensure you get compensated for your losses. Village Insurance is here to work for you to make sure you are fully covered.

You'll want to look at two factors...protection and price.

The proper home insurance coverage consists of buying the right type of policy and having the proper levels of protection within that policy.

  • Don't forget to include special provisions for jewelry, your computer, and any other personal items with a high value.
  • Review with your advisor any high-ticket items and ask what supplemental coverages might be necessary.
  • There are supplemental options for special protection against natural disasters that aren't covered by basic policies.

Obtaining homeowner insurance traditionally can be a hassle. Inexperienced buyers of homeowner's insurance often have to make repeated trips to their agent because they seldom know and have all the information they need to obtain a fair homeowner insurance quote. With Village Insurance you can be assured that we are going to help you get the proper insurance at a great rate because we work with you as we get to know you. 

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