Village Insurance was established in 1972 by Howard Marusa and continues to provide excellent service through our agents, Andy Marusa and Michael West.

Why Village?

We live in an unpredictable world and you want to safeguard yourself, the ones you love, and your possessions. In a world full of natural disasters, unpredictable markets, changing political environments, insurance coverage is more than an option, it's a requirement. The insurance industry offers policies to cover your automobile, home, business and life so that unexpected situations don't take the wind out of your sail. Every day that you walk around without the proper insurance is another day that you put everything that you have worked so hard for at risk.

To avoid putting your hard work at risk, you want to ensure you get the right insurance for you. You could certainly get your policies from some national mega-corporation, but don't expect any personal attention. If you live in Ohio, then why shouldn't you get your insurance from an Ohio insurance agent? The beauty of the insurance industry is that agents, like us, can give you the personal attention you need to put together policies that work for you within established insurance company policies. 

When an unfortunate event happens and you need to file a claim, a local insurance firm is the best thing. Coast to coast mail time is at least a week wasted when you need immediate attention. You never know if your rep is someone that will put you at the top of their list. Having a local agent who can hear you out and answer all your questions who knows you, your situation, and your unique needs is what great insurance is all about.

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It's a shame that insurance is among the most important consumer decisions that any person makes, but so few really know any details about it. For instance, how intimately does anyone pay attention to the details of auto insurance requirements? Laws vary from state to state and the coverage that you buy can make a huge difference in the amount of protection you have.

Insurance policies can be hard to read and understand and no matter where your interests lie, they are tough to get through. The value of knowing your agent's name and phone number can make getting through the jargon much simpler and give you the comfort of really knowing what you're getting. Village understands that most people are not insurance experts and we want to be your expert, so you can get all of the true information without concern. And with us, you don't have to worry about automated phone calls or chatbots going through the info and setting up policies. 

No one likes paying for insurance, but it is foolish to think that you can get by without it. It only takes a split second for someone else to violate your rights and change your life. Insurance is your assurance that should something happen, you are not going to have to go through it or pay for it alone. 


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